Figure Skating Dresses

Getting out on the ice always bring rushes of excitement and pride. Every performance takes months of training, worrying, and reciting before your blades meet the ice on the day of the competition. This practice is essential to being sure that your skating is flawless, and that you do your best in front of the judges, but there’s another aspect that also important to the aesthetic of your routine: your outfit!

Picking from the huge selection of figure skating dresses is by no means an easy feat. But, squeezing in the time is essential because cheap figure skating dresses are hard to come by. As you shop, you’ll find there are plenty of options for figure skating competition dresses, but very few that fit your criteria.

Some things you’ll be considering as you search for figure skating dresses include:

The size: It needs to fit right or it won’t be comfortable for your performance. Obviously, it’s hard to do (and look) your best when you’re in a dress that pinches and squeezes!
The style: Neck lines, colors, style, length, and so many other design choices can give your performance a completely different tone. The style will determine your overall look, and that is certainly one of the most important aspects of your competition day!
The price: Clearly, you don’t have bottomless pockets. You need to be able to find a dress in your price range that fits your body right, your tastes, and your budget all at once.


Now, finding the perfect dress off-the-rack that fits all of your needs to style and size can be difficult. That’s why custom figure skating dresses are such a popular option. Especially if this is a big competition for you, it may be worth investing your money into a custom dress.

An alternative to a custom skating dress (that is more budget-friendly) is to find the closest dress off the rack and then have it altered professionally by your local seamstress. When shopping for figure skating dresses for kids, this is typically a requirement anyway since kids can be so hard to shop for, size-wise!


Figure skating dresses for girls are also widely available for younger competitors, but they bring with them a few special considerations that you will need to keep in mind. Fit should always be at the top of your list. It’s worth compromising on the neck line a little or losing a few sequins by choosing a design that fits better. However, alterations are always a possibility, so if a design is just a little off, you can likely have it taken to a professional so it can be made to fit perfectly. If you follow these tips, finding the perfect dress will be a breeze!

How to pick the best figure ice skating dress?

Ice skating is a fun thing to do. But some people don’t restrict it to just winters. Figure ice skating is a skill that one builds and it has one of the most elegant performances. Several championships are held throughout the world. The sport is even performed in the Olympics. Figure skating is a lot of patience, practice, and performances. Performance is enhanced by the presentation of oneself and also by making it easier. The gears needed to ace at figure skating makes up a huge part of it as well.


Practice sessions include a pair of pants and jacket, but one has to go all in during performances. Figure skating dresses come in several patterns, colors and embellishment to make the performer look good. The colors that most skaters look for their dresses are red, purple and black. But along with that one has to pick the right dress to have the performance in control. Huge competitions often call for costumes being made by leading brands.

Tips on choosing the perfect figure skating dress:

  • Any figure skating dress has to have the 4-way stretch. It is must have a component for figure skating as it increases the flexibility of the body. So, when someone is purchasing a dress then have to see that the dress is meant for figure skating particularly. They should also check that the dress has been stitched in the best way possible.
  • The dress shouldn’t be heavy on the body. As figure skating is a sport, no one would want a dress that weighs them down. The material should be comfortable and should hinder a show. Breathability of a dress is also important as exercise will lead to sweating and no one wants to be uncomfortable with it.
  • The fit of the dress has to be perfect. During a performance, no one can afford to wear something restricting or super baggy. Often the clothes sizing can be different from regular sizing so that should be kept in mind. People who have a hard time finding their sizes can go for customized skating dresses.
  • The dress should be appropriate for the performance. So, the dress code should be consulted. Also, too much frilly designs may not be comfortable for performance. The color should also be chosen according to the event and the ambiance.

Some dresses that one can check out:

  • SAGESTER Style# 177/Hand-made In Italy/Long Sleeve Dress for Figure Skating, Ice Skating, Roller Skating/High Neckline, and In Glitter Net: A beautiful handmade dress with comfortable stretch. It is also available in an array of colors and sizes to choose from.
  • Chloe Noel Figure Skating Velvet Double Layer Mesh Skirt Dress DLV04: an Amazing dress that has rhinestone and mesh details. The dress will be complementing any girl or woman wearing it.
  • SAGESTER Style# 132/Hand-made In Italy/Long Sleeve Lace Dress For Figure Skating, Ice Skating, Roller Skating: A classic dress with a layer of the net on top and is available in different colors.

We hope that the tips and recommendations help women in picking their desired dresses. A comfortable and well-fitted dress always helps in enhancing the performance. You can also visit the next section to find the best ice skating shoes.