Women’s Figure Skating Dresses


Tips on choosing the perfect figure skating dress for women

Figure skating is an amazing thing to do, and when someone is pondering on the journey, they should be prepared. The gears include everything from the shoes to the dresses that one needs to pack. Especially for women, they need good women’s figure skating dresses when they are getting ready for a show. Choosing the dress becomes important as it has to be worn at the time of the performance and it must be as comfortable as possible. So, here are some points to check when buying a figure skating dress:

  • One needs to choose a dress that they will be comfortable in. So, the first thing to determine will be the purpose of the dress. Most dresses are made for competitions, so they need to be a little more dressy and different from the practice one.
  • Choosing the fabric is crucial as you want a body-hugging but stretchy material. Choose a dress that is specifically made for figure skating to avoid any complications or problems while performing.
  • The fit of the dress should be right. It should be snug but comfortable. Loose dresses should never be worn as they do look awkward and bad in case of figure skating.
  • Another thing to keep in mind is the style of dress. Often dresses can get a bit revealing which women may not like. So, they should check that before going for a dress.


Some Dress Recommendations:

  • SAGESTER Style# 149/Hand-made In Italy/Long Sleeve Lace Dress for Figure Skating. A high rated handmade dress it is made of Lycra which is stretchy and comfortable. The dress comes in different sizes and colors and is suited for all types of skating.
  • Jerry’s Figure Skating Dress 139- A perfect dress for shows and performance it is made from a high-quality material which makes it breathable and fancy at the same time. There are different kinds of colors and sizes that one can choose from.

The tips and recommendation are meant to help women who are getting into figure skating. It would help them in getting their perfect dress to rock their figure skating performance.

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