Red Figure Skating Dresses

red-figure-skating dresses

Why wear a red figure skating dress on a performance?

Passion is a thing that often drives people to their destinations. Ice skating is also about progressing on a skill set and making oneself better. And when someone is passionate about it they do always succeed.  The color red often portrays the passion and the strength that one holds. So, when someone is performing for a show like a figure skating they can always choose one from the red figure skating dresses to portray their personality. But before that let us see some general tips on choosing a skating dress:

  • The sizing should always be perfect. A dress too loose or too tight can ruin a performance. Choose the size that is appropriate and is comfortable for one to move in.
  • The type of dress should also be chosen according to one’s liking. Often people get a revealing dress, but they end up dumping it.
  • The material is super important; it should be stretchy and should have a four-way stretch. It may not be mentioned, but often the fabric tells it to you. Go for a dress that is marketed as a figure skating dress.


Here are some red figure skating dresses that one must be interested in:

  • SAGESTER Style# 177/Hand-made In Italy/Long Sleeve Dress for Figure Skating. A beautiful red skating dress with mesh and sparkles. Also, it has been handmade and is available in several sizes that one can choose from.
  • SAGESTER Style# 149/Hand-made In Italy/Long Sleeve Lace Dress for Figure Skating: Another from a different style it has a crystal on it and is made from a lightweight material. It helps in breathability and flexibility of any women when they are skating.
  • SAGESTER Style# 132/Hand-made In Italy/Long Sleeve Lace Dress for Figure Skating: A beautiful dress featuring lace work on it which makes it elegant. Also available in kids sizes which make it even more special.

The color red may often seem intimidating, but it is a great color to wear. It looks stunning when someone wears it during figure skating, and you can be the next one who will be doing it.

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