Girls Figure Skating Dresses


Different Types of Figure Skating Dresses for Girls

Female skaters usually tend to possess a collection of figure skating dresses so as to choose from them as per their need. Such skating dresses are available in a wide variety having different purposes to serve. These dresses are designed in a way which will provide confidence as well as comfort on the ice while performing. There are different types of girls figure skating dresses, for instance, a dress for competition, a separate one for practice and so on.

One has to choose a particular type of skating depending on their requirement as well as circumstances. Here are listed few of the skating dresses types for girls:

  • Custom dress or Off the Rack dress

This one is considered the first to opt for while choosing a skating dress. One should not be bothered by the name ‘off the rack’ as it simply means that the dress does not have any customisation done to be used by the skater based on her routine. Average skaters opt for these dresses as customised ones are very expensive and demand a huge commitment to it.

  • Dresses for practice

This type of skating dresses is quite common and is available in plenty in both traditional and online stores. As the name implies, these dresses are apt to wear while practicing. Practice dresses cost the least amongst all the other types of skating dresses. One can customize their practice skating dresses either by adding crystals or other things as per their desire, but this will surely increase the cost of the dress which will further make one hesitant about wearing it on a weekly basis.


  • Competition dresses

Such dresses will apparently be flashier than other types of skater dresses as one would any day want to look gorgeous and attractive on the main day of their skating competition. Some of the dresses may have intricate cut-outs revealing the skater’s skin; some may have beautiful crystals studded all over the dress and so on. These dresses are usually on the side of higher price as well as higher quality having costly fabrics flattering the female skater elegantly.

These three types of skating dresses are the most common ones for females, serving different purposes altogether. One needs to choose their type of skating dress as per their requirement, not comprising on the quality as one needs to possess enough comfort and confidence while performing which is greatly acquired by the skating dress which they wear.

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