Figure Skating Dresses for Kids


Choosing a good figure skating dress for your kid

Learning ice skating is a very elegant activity, and kids enjoy it a lot. Figure skating is a way to practice and enhance one’s skill. Kids have to be ready for any session as they often depend on their parents. So, choosing the right attire becomes very important for any kid. Parents often choose ill-fitting clothes that don’t look so good. Let’s see how parents can choose figure skating dresses for kids:

  • Every kid has a personality so as a parent one needs to ask their child about the color and type of dress that they want. Most girls like bedazzled clothes but often someone may want something different.
  • Kids will need mainly a practice dress and a performance dress. Practice dresses are simple and cost way less than a performance dress. A practice dress also needs to be comfortable and durable for a kid. A performance dress can be as flashy and amazing as they want.


  • The sizing is a big thing for any kid. Often parents make the mistake of buying baggy clothes for their child to help them fit as they grow up. But that is wrong as the clothes are ill-fitting and restrict the performance of the child. A skating dress should fit snug and be comfortable for the child.
  • The material should be comfortable, and skin should be able to breathe through it. Buying a dress from a reputed company makes it easier to have a dress that is made for figure skating.

Here are some kid’s figure skating dresses that one can choose from:

  • ChloeNoel DLV603– Long Sleeve Velvet Dress with Mesh- This is a Cinderella type dress that will look good for any girl. It is made from good fabric and enough stretch and sparkle to entice anybody.
  • SAGESTER Style# 177/Hand-made In Italy/Long Sleeve Dress for Figure Skating: Available in amazing color and fabric, it has been especially handmade for the beautiful children.

A child deserves a good dress, and through this article, a parent will be able to get the perfect dress for their child. They should, of course, check in with their child for the favorite color.

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